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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Muddy Souls Video: Mesmerizing Music with a Message

I think everyone should listen the music of Muddy Souls.  Enjoy the tunes but give a listen to the words. 
I like their music because its' lyrics deal with controversial, contemporary issues in a non-partisan way, set to the melody of classic artists like Bob Dylan, Donovan, and the Beatles in a soothing country/rock/rap voice that appeals across the spectrum demographically. I think it should be a topic of study in the class rooms of the mass media/communications professors everywhere (not excluding St John Fisher and Monroe Comm Coll, Tom!!!).
The Music (media) is the most effective way to get the Message (a la Marshall McLuhan) out in a non-hateful, divisive way and most likely to effectively unify people in dealing with the sad state of affairs currently existing in the country. This is where the current national media has failed in fulfilling their fourth-estate civic-duty, instead pursuing sensationalistic stories to maximize advertizing revenues and thereby ensuring big fat journalistic salaries. Go Muddy Souls and Cody Willard, you ARE GENIUS.
   Besides a couple vids I posted on this blog below, you can find a complete library of free samples of their music at their new FB fanpage accessible to everyone at:

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