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A House divided against itself will soon fall Don't let them divide us with Hate. United we stand, divided we fall. A small group of power seekers can only rule by dividing us into factions, stay united, they are our public servants. You must know BOTH sides of the story to combat half-truths. The other half of half-truths are lies by omission. It is up to you to dig up the omitted part of the story. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The error in not knowing your history; you are forever condemned to repeat it.

Rules for Leaders

1. Enemies Lie.  Disinformation and Deception are weapons of war.  If they are willing to destroy us, they will lie.  Don't be surprised, TRUST, BUT VERIFY.
2. Peace through strength.  Unilateral disarmament invites adventures against your nation.  Avoid conflict by preparation for war.
3. A young President will be tested.  Jan 1961 JFK is inaugurated.  Oct 1962 we are surprised by missiles 90 miles off our shores placed by Nikita Khruschev.
4. National Security is the No. One burden.  Economic strength is America's primary power.  We were the arsenal of Freedom for England and Soviet Union in WW II.  We need to make our nation self-sufficient in Energy and War Production (domestic manufacturing).
4. National Unity is key strength in projecting power. Do not allow our enemies to divide and conquer.
5. Do not strike the Iranian people.  Win their hearts and minds and the enemy will be destroyed from within.
The regime of revolutionary Mullahs is extremely vulnerable to dissention and internal revolt.  Support that dissent.

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