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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The War of Words in America. The Blogger Revolution; Street Corner Philosophers, Et Al.

   There should be some limits.  It's getting childish and downright, self-destructively Un-American.  I am afraid the very people, who were responsible for the pickle we are in now, are using us, to get back into a position of power and control so that they can resume looting and pillaging of our nation.  The pattern is clear; incite discontent, incite to hatred, and internal strife to win back power under the pretext of returning our country to us the rightful owners; The People.  In reality, once in control of the levers of power, they simple serve their real masters; Greed, Power and Ego. The politicians are the tools of the Corporations and the Landed Gentry.  Are we that ignorant, to be distracted, like little monkeys, obsessed with a shiny object, while they steal the country from us.  They are using Divide and Conquer,  Jingoism and McCarthyism.
   One who is not liberal in his youth has no heart. One who is not conservative in old age does not have a brain. "Can we all just get along?" (Rodney King, Philosopher).  Freedom of Speech should be moderated by protections against defamation and hate.
   McCarthyism depended on defamation of character, guilt by association, accusations of treason and other false or scurilous charges to put rivals on the defensive.  The Constitutional protections from Guilt by Association are only protections from official Governent action.  Congressional hearings and public trials led by Senator Joseph McCarthy were eventually stopped by Constitutional protections.  However, Freedom of Speech and Free Press also make protection from scurilous attacks by irresponsible Media, Bloggers and individual demagogues only remediable by civil suits against Libel, Slander and Defamation.  Some street corner philosophers, in the guise of Bloggers may be a refreshing respite from a corrupt, irresponsible and partial press,  BUT, irresponsible citizens with an axe to grind and no concern for their country, can be just as dangerous to our freedom and liberty as a rogue US Senator and a compliant, sellout press.
   Isn't anyone concerned that this war of words and attacks on each other can leave us with  a country whose freedoms are suspended or destroyed and deliver us into the hands of Despots and Demagogues who serve not us, but their own selfish quest for power, control and wealth.  We must stand together and unify, to regain control of the country by the people, for the people.  We must stand together to achieve redress of our grievances, injustices and theft by the power elite.  We must bring them to justice and clawback the ill-gotten gains and return the wealth to us.  We won't win that by waging war on each other instead the rightfully guilty.
   Stop the insanity and self-destructiveness and work together to bring this country back to its greatness and prosperity.  The guilty should be brought to justice legally and not with street justice. We are playing into the hands of the demagogues, by attacking the straw men they put in front of us to mislead and misdirect our rage.  We know the imbalance of wealth and power in this nation was achieved by devilish clever deceit and lies.  Let's not fall into the same corrupt trap to win back justice.  Our just rage should be directed at the guilty not at each other.

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